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We are a different kind of dental practice.

We are a different kind of dental practice.

Our Approach

We use a functional corrective dentistry approach which focuses on the chewing system as a whole and how that relates to the overall health of your body. Part of this approach uses a restorative technique called Biorejuvenation, which incorporates esthetic and functional practices in order to give you a stable, natural, and pain-free smile.

Dental Practice Owner Muna Strasser, DDS, PC

Our Goal is to Restore Harmony

We focus on the whole picture. Our goal is to restore harmony to the joints, teeth, and muscles, which can help alleviate pain, eliminate unnecessary wear and tear, and other issues that can arise from an unstable bite.

Our Process: Diagnose > Treat > Restore

Diagnose: First, we identify any underlying issues that may be disrupting the bite system which can cause imbalances as well as any issues involving the head, face, sinuses, and airway.

Treat: Once the imbalances are identified (we address the root cause of your symptoms) and stabilize the bite with a device that allows the jaw and teeth to return to their natural positions.

Restore: Then we restore the structure and balance of your teeth to protect you against future wear and damage giving you a healthy, beautiful, lasting smile.

We are passionate about providing the highest quality of care to our patients in the most comfortable and caring atmosphere.

Why Choose Us?

We treat the true reason for the symptoms and not just the symptoms themselves. Most importantly, we focus on improving not only your dental health and appearance but your overall well-being.

One-to-One Care

Forget about 5 minute consults and feeling rushed. Our patients get meaningful one on one conversations every step of the way.

Advanced Techniques

Our goal is fix the root cause(s) of the problem(s) you’re experiencing rather than simply treating the symptoms themselves.

Lasting Confidence

You deserve to feel proud of your smile. We’ll help you feel confident again. And feel comfortable along the way.

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